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Do I need any special equipment? 

No, the only requirement is that you wear flat-soled shoes to avoid damaging the greens. 

How long is a typical game? 

At Pride Lawn Bowling, we play two games of five ends, and each game usually takes about one hour each.

Should I buy bowls? 

There is no need to buy your bowls because they are provided to you and your team each night at the clubhouse.

Is Pride Lawn Bowling a social league or a competitive league?

It's very social. We are here to have fun on the greens, and no one worries too much about winning. We start the evening with food and drinks, and it is about seeing an old friend and meeting new ones each week. 

If I am Straight..Can I play on you league? 

Yes... anyone over the age of 18 can play on our league. Pride Lawn Bowling makes lawn bowling safe regardless of sexual orientation or identity. 

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