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Brief Description of Lawn Bowling

Lawn Bowling or Bowls is played on a flat grass surface, called a green. You play on a rink on the green, indicated by a number at each end at the ditches and white stakes on the banks for boundary marker.

Lawn Bowling starts with; a coin toss will determine which team will “toss the jack.” Winner of the toss as the option to bowl first (toss the Jack) or second (the hammer). 

The Jack must cross the hog line at least 23 meters  and then will be picked up and positioned in the center of your lane. If the jack is thrown into the gutter, it may either be put onto the lane six feet from the gutter or re-thrown by the other team; This will be agreed upon by both team skips. The order that each team bowls does not change. 

Players shall play in the same order for each game but may switch order before beginning a new game. 

After each end, the Jack is tossed by the first of the team which one that end. Play then commences with the delivery from the beginning of the winning team. 

The team that throws first shall set down the mat, which stays in place until the end is finished. When delivering, players must ensure that one foot remains on the mat. 

Any bowls that do not pass the hog line, or fall in the back gutter (the ditch) or outside the lane do not count. In exception, if the bowl hits the jack and ends up in the gutter is continues to score. You may wish to mark this bowl with a piece of chalk to remind players that it is still alive. 

A bowl may hit the Jack and be moved. It remains in play unless it is hit outside of the rink. If the Jack is knocked out of the rinks, a “dead-end” occurs, and the end must be replayed from the beginning using the same starting mat. If the jack gets knocked into the gutter, it is “still live.”


Bein scoring by determining the bowl that is closest to the jack, This counts as one point. If the next nearest Bowl is from the same team, this counts as a second point. If the next closest bowl is from the opposing team, the closest only scores one point. 

Identify all bowls that will count by determining them to be closer to the jack than any opposition Bowl. Record this score for each end.

If you cannot decide which bowls are closest to the jack, you may need to measure. You can borrow a measuring tape from another member, or you can bring your own and make an accurate measurement to determine the closest Bowl. 

As the completion of five ends, tally the game score, and you may wish to enter it on the league score sheet, but remember it all just for fun. 

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